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Finances & Budgets

Costa Rica's currency = 'Colon (₡)'

₡100 Colons = $0.25 CAD. 

First and foremost, we recommend that you start planning and booking as early as possible. Flights and accommodations are expected to be the most expensive components of the adventure, so booking well in advance can save you money and ensure you secure your desired choices.


In the Accommodations tab, you'll find some of our most recommended hotel options. Pricing, hotel style, and booking instructions are included. We have also arranged for discounted room rates at several hotels in Montezuma.

In the Getting Here tab, you'll find details on how to get to Montezuma, including flights, shuttles, car rental, and more. Our wedding planner, Corina, will be making herself available via email and WhatsApp to coordinate and assist our guests with booking transportation from the airport(s) to Montezuma and back. Whether or not you intend on extending your trip beyond our wedding, or traveling prior, we recommend coordinating with Corina.

Costa Rica is known for its delicious yet affordable food. There are plenty of local restaurants and markets where you can enjoy authentic cuisine at affordable prices. An overview of the various Montezuma restaurants and bars can be found at the Restaurant & Bars tab. 

Montezuma is filled with nature-oriented activities that are bound to keep you engaged without costing a dime. Details regarding activities in Montezuma can be found in the Activities tab. To book excursions, contact Corina

Spoiler alert: we'll be arranging a group boat excursion to a nearby island for one of our days in Montezuma (expected to cost $78 USD/person ALL inclusive). However, as you will see in the Itinerary tab (to be released soon), the majority of activities we will be encouraging you to join us on will certainly not weigh on your budget. 

We understand that attending a destination wedding can be a significant expense and we want to ensure that you have all the information you need to prepare and plan in accordance with your budget. 

Floating in the Sea

Budget Breakdown

Projections are approximate, per person, in Canadian dollars, and based on the recommended travel itinerary (5 nights)






$1,400.00 - $1,695.00

$2,445.00 +



~$790.00 - $880.00

~$790.00 - $880.00

~$790.00 - $880.00 +

Shuttle 1



$55.00 +

Shuttle 2



$55.00 +

(per person, for 5 nights)



$975.00 +




$375.00 +




$195.00 +

Questions? Ask Liora or Ocean 

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